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Find the best building insurance for you

Buildings insurance is a must for all our clients. In addition to protecting your property from the unexpected, buildings insurance is a condition of a mortgage offer, so trust Beechwood Mortgages to help you find the right level of cover for you.

Getting appropriate cover for your property



Find the right policy to protect your investment property in Reading, Berkshire and the surrounding counties.

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Take your first steps on the property ladder with confidence as we help you secure and protect your first home.

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Learn all you need to know about getting the best insurance cover as a leaseholder.

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If you’re a landlord or tenant, get the latest information regarding your responsibilities and insurance for flats.

Cover that offers peace of mind

Working with the friendly team at Beechwood Mortgages will give you exclusive access to comprehensive buildings insurance for properties across Berkshire and surrounding counties. Drawing on over 20 years of industry experience, we’ll recommend the most suitable policies for your property and mortgage type, giving you complete peace of mind.


As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions may apply.

What is covered in buildings insurance?

Many policies are tailored to suit individual needs and vary between each provider. The majority cover: •Fire, flood and storm damage •Subsidence •Leaking pipes causing water damage •Collisions with vehicles We’ll provide the latest advice to help you understand the differences in cover as well as your insurance responsibilities as a landlord or homeowner.

Competitive rates on a range of policies

Whilst property protection is essential, we appreciate that our clients are also looking for value for money when it comes to insurance. With extensive knowledge of the current market, we have access to comprehensive policies you wouldn’t normally find, so you can make savings without compromising.

How can we help you?

Seeking assistance from an insurance adviser may seem like an unrequired expense, but the return you could receive may prove invaluable. Whilst sieving through various cover terms and providers to find you the right deal, we’ll also offer ongoing support and guidance to keep you in the know.

  • What does a mortgage adviser do?
    The world of mortgaging is complex. Especially when it comes to lending for Buy to Let and the like, it's crucial to research numerous lenders and take a more specialist approach to the process. A mortgage adviser will do the leg work for you, offering in-depth knowledge of the property lending market, helping you overcome challenges, and offering exclusive access to a database of banks and lenders. What's more, they offer a level of support that streamlines the entire process and makes things easier for you.
  • How can I get the best mortgage advice?
    You can seek advice on mortgages directly from lenders such as banks or building societies. Alternatively, you can go to a whole of market mortgage adviser or broker who will search and compare numerous products at the touch of a button.
  • Is mortgage advice free?
    The cost of mortgage advice depends on the terms and conditions of the adviser. Some mortgage advisers might charge for their services but this will usually depend on your requirements and on the value of your mortgage. We offer a free consultation every time and will quickly confirm if there will be any charge for our services and support. In the majority of cases, we will receive a commission from the lender once a mortgage starts. It’s important for you to clarify terms and conditions with mortgage advisers from the start so that you are aware of any charges and financial responsibilities you may incur. Check our Fees page for a full rundown on broker fees.
  • Do banks charge for mortgage advice?
    No, banks will not charge an advice fee. You do however need to remember that they will only recommend their own specific products. Whole of market mortgage advisers are more likely to provide an impartial perspective on the most suitable and competitive mortgage products and via a variety of lenders.
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Don’t delay in getting the right insurance policy in place

Reach Beechwood Mortgages to sieve through the options and secure an insurance plan that protects you when you need it most.

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