Contents Insurance

Protecting your property and possessions offers you valuable peace of mind. We offer policies designed specifically to suit your individual needs.

What's it for?

It covers the loss of or damage to the contents of your home.  For properties that have no more than five bedrooms, standard levels of cover typically start at £15,000, followed by £40,000, £50,000, £60,000, £70,000, £85,000 and £100,000.  If these levels are not suitable or if a property has more than five bedrooms, we may still be able to offer insurance.  In the event of a claim, you typically pay the first £100 for each and every claim or in the event of escape of water, an excess of £250. 

Keeping costs down

If you have held insurance before and have not claimed on the policy then you might qualify for a no claims discount. You can also get reduced rates if you combine contents and buildings insurance or if you select a voluntary excess.

Additional cover options

For added peace of mind you can extend your cover, for an additional premium, to include the following:

  • Extended accidental damage - Covers accidents such as spilling red wine on your carpet or breaking a favourite ornament.

  • Personal possessions in and away from the home – Covers personal possessions in and away from the home anywhere in the UK as well as for up to 60 days each insurance year anywhere in the world.

  • Family legal protection cover up to £50,000 – Covers the costs of pursuing or defending certain legal proceedings in the UK.

More Information

This is only a summary of a typical policy cover.  Please see the providers Policy Booklet for full details, this is available on request.

For insurance business we arrange policies from a carefully selected panel of insurers. As with all Insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply. Ask us for a list of insurers we offer insurance from.